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1. Which UK college has offered to teach its students ‘Hinglish’, to students for jobs in India?


2. Which IIT institute will start ‘Vastu Shastra’ classes for architecture students?


3. Which high resolution imaging satellite has recently been launched by ISRO?


4. Noted mathematician Michael Atiyah was passed away recently. He belongs to the country of;


5. Who has topped the Real-Time Billionaires List of Forbes-2019?


6. What is the theme of the 2019 edition of World Tribal Day (WTD)?


7. NASA has recently detected water vapours on which Jupiter’s moon?


8. Which rocket of ISRO is to launch USA’s commercial nano satellites?


9. What is the name of India’s 2nd mission to land on Moon?


10. A huge X-Ray burst from outer space has been detected by which telescope?


11. Which one of the following countries has top rank in e-waste production?


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