Beauty and Hair Professional (Batch-1)

Beauty and Hair Professional (Batch-1) 2021-07-14T13:04:29+00:00
  • Meet your trainer Sharmistha Das
  • section A - Skin
  • section B - Hair
    • Webinar on Hair Session 1 on 01/10/2020
      01 hourPreview
    • Webinar on Hair Session 2 on 02/10/2020
      01 hour 30 minPreview
  • section C - Make-up

Webinar on Hair Session 2 on 02/10/2020

Understanding The Laws of Hair Color :

Color is described as the property of a material that determines what the eye perceives based on how light is reflected. Hair can reflects the elements we see as brown or blond but it also contain the colors of red, green, blue and other shades. In certain combination of these colors, we can understand very dark brown hair. The other combination of colors we can understand is very light blond hair. When it comes to color results, your imagination almost goes beyond shades and tones.

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